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How to implement remote services for machine manufacturers

Remote access to production machines is increasingly becoming the focus of attention as digitisation progresses. Almost all manufacturers now offer service packages that enable remote access to their machines. While production companies benefit from significantly shorter response times in the event of malfunctions and lower costs for maintenance visits, new business models arise for machine manufacturers, which ideally lead to optimised, long-term customer retention.
But in reality, not all that glitters is gold, even when it comes to remote services. Excessive implementation costs, disinterested end users or security concerns are just some of the pitfalls lurking for machine manufacturers.

In this article, you will learn how to implement remote services securely, quickly and without financial risks and what challenges need to be overcome in remote access.

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Reduce unproductive downtime by up to 80 % with networked manufacturing!

Digitally networked manufacturing plants make almost autonomous production possible. In the context of Industry 4.0 and increasingly comprehensive digitalisation, machines, systems, operators and products communicate with each other in real time. This enables unprecedented flexibility in production - and significantly reduces unproductive, expensive non-productive time. 

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