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Latest technological innovations: Controls

For more than half a century, CNC controls have had a firm grip on the machining industry. Whether workshop-oriented programming directly at the machine or CAD/CAM applications: Modern manufacturing would be unthinkable without "computerised numerical control". Trends 2022 would also not be complete without an insight into current innovations with which the large and small control system manufacturers want to make production a little faster, more intuitive and, above all, more productive. In the context of our innovation blog, we have taken a closer look at the most important trends of the year.

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Latest technological innovations in Welding

The metalworking industry will continue to be characterised by comprehensive digitisation in 2022. “Industry 4.0” is no longer just a buzzword, but it is fundamentally changing manufacturing strategies, production processes and even customer relationships. In the third part of our blog series on current technological innovations in metal working, read about the current technological trends in welding technology

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Latest Innovations in Sheet Metal

Latest technological innovations in Sheet metal working


The vision of completely networked sheet metal production will also remain primarily a vision in 2022. Because in reality, the “smart factory” with its completely networked production processes, AI-supported manufacturing and a higher-level, intelligent manufacturing system is still being thwarted. This is because the vast majority of sheet metal manufacturers use different machines and different software – and from different years of manufacture. 

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