Introducing: Jacqueline Panzeri, Talent Acquisition Manager

Our team members make Orderfox a special, vibrant company. While having different backgrounds and personalities, every colleague has a passion for their field of work and our collective mission. This month, we talk to Jacqueline Panzeri, Talent Acquisition Manager

Tell us a little bit about what you do here at Orderfox:

As Talent Acquisition Manager I deliver recruiting support to hiring managers throughout the recruitment process and ensure we have the right talent at the right time. I’m responsible for building a strong candidate pipeline, overseeing and executing recruitment processes, onboarding new hires, and measuring and improving talent acquisition efforts. 

What is a typical day at Orderfox like for you?

My role is very operational: Drafting job descriptions, conducting interviews, reaching out to potential candidates, moving candidates through the hiring process, and basically just making sure that both candidates and hiring managers are happy with the hiring experience. 

How long have you worked for Orderfox?

Initially I joined Orderfox in December 2020 as a SDR, since April 2021 I’m responsible for Talent Acquisition, which is where my real passion lies. 

What’s your favourite part about working for Orderfox?

The fact that there are always new challenges and that I can see the impact of my work every day is what makes working here exciting and motivating for me. But there is also the human aspect: I work with great people, I learn from everyone and I grow alongside Orderfox. 

What challenges do you face and how do you deal with these?

A startup is exciting, but it’s also fast-paced. Priorities often shift and they shift quickly, so being agile in my plans and flexible in my goals is key. In this environment, I’m often doing things for the first time, so getting creative in approaching certain challenges is crucial in order to be effective.  

From a recruiting standpoint, the candidate market has never been hotter. This requires not only a lot of effort in all parts of the sourcing and interview process but also a continuous and critical examination of that process to decide if anything should be tweaked to improve efficiency. 

What makes working at Orderfox special for you?

I was lucky enough to have been hired as the first and up until now also only recruiter at Orderfox. This allowed me to be very involved in the growth of the Orderfox team from day one. Being part of a small but growing team stretches you professionally and mentally in ways that are challenging, exciting and unmatched in how it can expedite your personal growth. The experience I’ve gained at Orderfox in less than two years is probably equal to 3 to 4 years at a large company. 

If you could sum up the culture at Orderfox into 3 words what would they be?

empowering - purpose-driven - agile 

What are you looking forward to accomplishing at Orderfox?

I want to continuously become better at what I do, attract the best talent for Orderfox and help build an outstanding team that drives the growth of Orderfox. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? What hobbies do you have?

Golf, any activities in or on the water, singing, skeleton (and any fast sport that gets the heart pumping) 

What’s your favourite movie?

Heat, Little Children and Call me by your name 

What’s your favourite food?

Ceviche and my morning oatmeal

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